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Personal Consulting

Receive personalized guidance and support to overcome challenges and achieve personal goals. IMSP is here to help our clients grow through mindset development and personal branding. IMSP is here to help you discover your personal legend and create a life that is in line with your personal brand and values.

Referral Services

IMPS offers a referral program to help our clients have access to the services and products needed to reach their goals.  We have a large network of Real Estate professionals (Loan Officers, Real Estate Agents, Home Inspectors and Appraisers), Financial and Investment Advisors, Insurance and Legal services providers.

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Accountability Partnership

Our Accountability partnership service is
designed to help you identify and leverage strengths. IMSP works one on one with our clients to discover opportunities for improvement, set personal goals and manage your time effectively. We aim to help our clients maximize their productivity and be an active participant in their achievements.

Additional Personal Services

IMSP is committed to fostering productive and efficient partnerships with each of our valued personal clients. To support your unique needs and goals, we offer a comprehensive range of services. Our offerings include expert loan document review, notary services, professional translation assistance, skilled interpreters, and thorough tax preparation services. We believe that a tailored approach to our clients' needs is essential for building lasting relationships and helping you achieve your financial objectives. Whether you require assistance with document review or seek expert guidance on taxation matters, IMSP is here to empower your financial journey.

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