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Business Planning

The IMSPC team is ready to help your business reach its full potential by helping create or renew your strategy and make your business goals a reality.

Exploratory and Internal Operations Audits

Conduct thorough assessments of your internal business processes. We offer reconciliation and internal audit plans that ensure your employees and facilities are operating within your company standards.


Branding and Marketing

IMSP aims to help businesses execute a social marketing plan that is in line with their brand voice and company values. We help businesses create and manage a unique and cohesive identity to establish a strong brand presence and connect with target audiences.

Human Resources Consulting

IMSP provides guidance and assistance in developing effective employee policies, reviewing attrition and employee engagement, and creating a positive work culture for new and flourishing small businesses.

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Project Management

We are here to ensure your projects run efficiently. We assist new and small existing businesses in planning and executing special projects by providing fund allocation guidance and managing timelines so business owners can focus on what matters most: continued business growth.

Additional Business Services

​IMSP offers professional assistance in managing official corporate documents for your business. Our services are designed to uphold the utmost confidentiality, ensure prompt and efficient handling, and guarantee compliance with all requirements. In addition to document management, we provide a range of other services, including notary services, professional translation assistance, and comprehensive tax preparation services. With IMSP by your side, you can streamline your administrative processes and focus on your core business operations with confidence.

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